​People describe Miss Lila Sage as a confident woman who inspires others to create according to their soul’s purpose. A French word sums up her abilities; she is an Inspiratrice.

She transforms play into sacred expression, weaving spirituality and sensuality with her classical training as a Dominatrix. Her background as a certified hypnotherapist allows her to infuse mindfulness and tools of self mastery into her client’s lives.

Desire and creation come from the same place. When they work in harmony, you can create the life you want with authenticity.

Her credo is to acknowledge desires rather than deny them. She guides a discerning clientele to rid themselves of beliefs and habits that do not serve them, including stress. As as result, her clients notice that they can more positively influence others around them.
Her caring way of connecting helps draw out pain points, and then helps you develop a mindset that leads to resolution and transformation.

When not collaborating in entertainment or creating individualized client experiences, Miss Lila Sage educates about consent, inclusivity, and sensuality.

In her private time, she enjoys nurturing plants and seeking new perspectives.
She dreams of having a library filled with books about subjects that help people to realize their full potential.
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