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July 31, 2021

10 Sexy Bedroom Activities That Aren't Sex

Hello lovers,

I find that intimacy is often linked to the idea of sex. But in reality they can exist completely separately.

If you feel like connecting with your partner but aren’t necessarily in the mood for sex or just want to try something new to spice up your life in the bedroom, here are some ideas for you to try.

Happy play time!

1. Have your lover pick out your next outfit (either in or out of the bedroom).

Going out on a date? Or maybe just heading into work? It can be fun to have your lover pick out an item of clothing for you to wear or your whole outfit. As you are going about your day you can feel closer to them with that visible and tangible reminder on your body

2. Play in front of a mirror- all of the fun of voyeurism without the worry of a sex tape

Is there a side of you that longs for the stage? It can be very sexy to see yourself or your partner in erotic pleasure. Turn sideways to a full length mirror to watch the action

3. Take it back to high school and make out with your underwear on.- I guarantee it won’t stay that way for long

Remember all of the bases? 1st base, 2nd base, etc. Once you’ve made a home run a few times it is easy to skip over these delicious moments. Slow things down (and remove any expectation) by creating a rule that your underclothes will remain on. This creates desire, anticipation, and heightened sensation.

4. Act out a sexy scene from your favorite film

Running on the beach in Bay Watch, a long kiss from your favorite super hero movie. Why not try both?

It can be fun to try on another persona (and maybe even adopt a new costume) to shift your mindset.

5. Book an in-home couples massage

Yum! Find a service that offers in home couples massage for a lavish treat. Everyone is satisfied and you both finish at the same time ;)

6. Put on a sexy playlist and dance for your partner

Or dance together if you don’t want to put on a show. Moving to a sexy playlist gets the blood flowing and allows your bodies to reconnect with each other

7. Watch erotic television together

It doesn’t have to be porn, just something you find sexy. Take turns with the different clips so your partner can see what visually stimulates you

8. Solo time… together

Make a rule for the evening that you cannot touch each other, only yourself. It can be very sexy watching your partner take control of their own pleasure. And it gives your pattern the opportunity to see exactly what buttons to push to turn you on.

9. Save room for dessert

Turn your partner into dessert with whipped cream (Trader Joes has an amazing coconut whipped cream), fresh fruit and chocolate. It’s like a sexy banana split that will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

10. Mix up the time of day

Mix up the time of day. Usually feeling turned on in the evening? Try setting an alarm for the morning and see where it takes you

Go forward and be sexy!

And if you would like more tips and tricks feel free to reach out to me at Lila@MissLilaSage.com for customized solutions to your intimacy challenges.

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