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July 30, 2021

Unlocking Your Greatest Potential through Hypnotherapy

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Mystic Pete: Explain about hypnotherapy

Lila Sage: Hypnotherapy is a tool that we use for self-mastery, one of many tools people can use. And for this specific process, you're usually working with a hypnotherapist, someone who is going to guide you, and it is a very passive experience.

So generally the person receiving is seated or lying down. They get into a very relaxed state and then once they are in that relaxed state and receptive, the hypnotherapist will give suggestions that the client is wanting in how they can change and improve their lives. And exactly what direction they are going in is discussed beforehand in a cognitive face-to-face conversation about the new patterns that the client would like to create and what they would like to see in their conscious outer awake life.

Mystic Pete: It sounds like a rather creative process and very individualistic.

Lila Sage: Very much so.

I’ve noticed that people can have very similar presenting problems so whether that is around smoking cessation, or weight loss or motivation, you know these are things that are fairly common and may come up in people’s lives.

But where it becomes more individual is the symbol that it holds for the person and what kind of words are going to impact them.

So if you say “you are going to be more motivated” and they don’t feel the connection to the word motivation its not going to land, it’s not going to change.

But if their word/ their drive centers around focus and you use the word focus you’re bringing an emotional charge to that word and that that will have a personal and stronger effect for them.

Mystic Pete: It sounds like it’s very much about unlocking who a person is. You can’t just say to somebody, run. 4-minute mile and they are going to run a 4-minute mile like they’re a robot. You have to somehow engage with their deeper thoughts and emotions.

Lila Sage: Exactly.


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And if you would like find the best words to unlock your greatest potential contact Lila Sage Certified Hypnotherapist at Lila@MissLilaSage.com

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