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Real answers to your pressing questions

Do you have a question about kink? Like wanting to find your own inner Dominant or submissive persona? Or learning how to properly tie or spank someone?

When you first discover the world of BDSM it can be overwhelming.
You want to explore your interests but are not sure where to begin let alone how to navigate play safely.

You don’t need secret passwords or membership into a kinky club, only a guide to show you the ropes.
Each virtual session is a combination of deep listening and problem solving. Get whatever has been bubbling in your mind out and move towards empowerment and skill in your play.

Nothing is off the table!
Bring your most pressing questions and authentic self.
Every mind and desire is unique; so, you need an approach that is unique to you.
In each 50-minute meeting, we identify roadblocks and create solutions so you reach deeper levels of play and satisfaction.

Our virtual interactions offer the same high level of discretion and successful outcomes. All without the need to travel. You can enjoy the experience from the comfort and safety of your home.

" Authenticity goes deeper than what you see"

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